Cornelia Thomsen - Stripes and Structures II -

My recent paintings combine surface precision, tonal variation, and rhythmic pattern to build compositions that resonate with the viewer's consciousness. By creating works that respond to our physical environment, seamlessly integrating elements of light and space, I aim to evoke, rather than represent, my personal experience of the natural world.-  Cornelia Thomsen, 2018

"Stripes and Structures II" is an exhibition of work by New York-based German artist Cornelia Thomsen. Thomsen's sensitive and meticulous abstractions capture the essence of nature, incorporating its patterns, colors, brightness, and energy. Her paintings and drawings inspire viewers to recall their own experiences of the warmth and vitality of the natural world. Alongside almost 30 earlier works, the exhibition will introduce a newseries of "Stripes" compositions painted in oil on copper

Stripes Nr . 133

Stripes Nr . 133
Oil on copper 26 x 20cm

Stripes Nr .105

Stripes Nr .105
Oil on canvas 122 x 81 cm

Drawing Nr . 59(partial)

Drawing Nr . 59(partial)
Ink on paper 76 x 57 cm

Stripes Nr .93+94

Stripes Nr .93+94
Oil on canvas 71 x 102 cm , diptych

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Artist Profile

Cornelia Thomsen

コーネーリア・トムセン Cornelia Thomsen

Born in Rudolstadt, Germany, in 1970.
Painted at the Meissen Porcelain Company, Meissen, Germany
Studied at the Academy of Art and Design, Offenbach/Main, Germany; B.A., M.F.A.
Lives and works in Manhattan

[Solo Exhibitions]
Cornelia Thomsen, Felix Ringel Galerie, Düsseldorf, Germany , 2017
Strokes, Leslie Feely , New York, 2016
Stripes and Structures, Kashima Arts, Tokyo, Japan, 2015
Hypocrisis: Pressures and Ironies of Life in Communist East Germany,
German Consulate, New York, 2014
Stripes and Structures, Leslie Feely , New York, 2014
Landscape and Abstraction: Cornelia Thomsen, Friedrich-Fröbel Museum,
Bad Blankenburg, Germany , 2014
Stripe Paintings, Erik Thomsen, New York, 2011
Nature's Reflections, Behnke Doherty , Washington Depot, CT , 2010
Works on Paper, The International Art + Design Fair , New York, 2005

Public Collections
Ackland Museum, Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Friedrich Fröbel Museum, Bad Blankenburg, Germany
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Los Angeles, CA, USA
Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia), Minneapolis, MN, USA

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