Art Auction -MEGURU-

Art Auction - MEGURU - will come back this summer! catalogue will be shipped in mid-June. Click here for Subscription.

What is Japanese Art Auction -MEGURU- ?

Japanese Art Auction -MEGURU- is a market place for all to trade Japanese art. It aims to create a platform where people can buy and sell Japanese art freely and fairly. The lots are consigned from all over Japan, then introduced to the art lovers through the special MEGURU catalogue.
All the lots are available for view at the gallery during the preview period.

What's in the offers for art seekers

Japanese art is gaining much attention in today's art market. Unfortunately, though, many art lovers go to museum to see the art rather than buying them to enjoy at home. We believe this is one of the contributing factors for Japanese art market being relatively smaller compare to other parts of the world despite its popularity. Kashima Arts, an established gallery specializing in Japanese art, aims to create an accessible market place that is easy for everyone to participate, and contribute to the growth of Japanese art market.

The market place for Japanese Art open to all

The Japanese Art Auction -MEGURU- is an Art market place accessible to everyone who wants to consign.
If you have art pieces at home, this is the perfect place to sell.

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Art Auction -MEGURU -

Preview Image

The lots are on view during preview period.


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The Art Auction -MEGURU- Flowchart

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Japanese Art Auction -MEGURU- Catalogue

Japanese Art Auction -MEGURU- Catalogue
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Please feel free to consult on consignment on sale of your collection.
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Auction guideline, Terms & Conditions

Please read the auction guideline and terms and conditions before participation.

Auction guideline

Terms and conditions

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Japanese Art Auction -MEGURU-

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